Nail clippers

Any pet parent knows that pet’s claws can be very sharp and nail care of pets is just as important as their diet. Many pet owners take their pets to groomers and pay lots of money for their pets to get their nails clipped. GOT PETS has made a nail clipper that works on cats and dogs. It is just like the kind of clippers that the professionals use. If you can clip your own fingernails, then you can clip an animal’s nails as well. There are many similarities between animal and human nails and if you pay attention you can cut the nails with confidence. The back of the nail clipper’s package contains instructions as well as warnings of caution. (they are common sense rules) Now I love that there is a lock on the handles that keep the clippers closed and the blades locked into place. The metal blades have a stopper to ensure that you do not over cut on the nail. The second-best feature on the clippers is the bonus nail file that is hidden inside of the handle. No more do I have to stop and search for a file when I cut. My cat has begun shedding off his nails and these clippers made it so very much easier that I could cut and file his nails and let him go before he got too agitated. GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.    I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased to link


Dual Sided Brush

Ever since GO PETS products came to my house my animals instantly knew that it was grooming time! They ran under the beds, hid under blankets, and even climbed inside their kennels because they knew that the old grooming tools had caused them pain or discomfort. GO PETS has the answer for those fears to be eased in the minds of the animals and humans. The BRISTLE and PIN DUAL SIDED BRUSH are perfect for my long-haired lab dogs. One side of the brush has the long metal pins that work on the long fur to help dislodge the clumps of dirt and leave the coat soft. Whereas the other side of the brush has thousands of black bristles that work to clean off loose hair or dust. This is something I use on the dogs when they want to take a road trip or to show them at a pet contest. This brush is mainly for keeping the fur coat shinning and soft not a heavy-duty cleaning. The silicon handle conforms to the shape of your hand for easy grip. It is soft and can be used to each hand size! GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.  I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Creature Comforts

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When these small plastic containers came in the mail I looked at them puzzled. I seen the putty wrapped in a plastic sealed bag and when I removed it from the plastic I couldn’t understand how this was supposed to melt. Me being a bit daft sometimes, I had to grab for the instructions. In the explanation that they gave I realized that it melts with the heat that is released from your hands. The more that you play with the putty the warmer and melt able it becomes. Once you stop playing with it, it does get very stiff. The little plastic accessory pieces are different for each container. Pumpkins, Zombies, and Witches come alive before your eyes. You can mix the parts and create a new creature! I love that the case has a divider inside the keeps the putty and the parts organized. and allows you to play with them over and over. My mother and niece had a blast creating their monsters and then holding them in their hands and watching as their body heat melted the creatures. Great science lesson and a fun time for young and old! I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Daily Devotional of love, peace, and joy

This book is so uplifting to my heart just as this book is appropriately named. The pages are filled with love, strength, encouragement, and above all hope. Each of the 31 verses have a chapter to their own and the sections have tips as well as a beautiful background. This book seems to know exactly what my heart needs in time of sorrow, depression, and just a boost when something in life makes you sad. Liz Curtis Higgs did a remarkable job selecting each bible verse and the chapters give a great explanation to the verses meaning. I can see this book being passed around from all of my family and friends! I received this book from Blogging for Books for my review.Author Liz Curtis Higgs

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Life in the World


What an amazing book that I had the pleasure of reviewing! I loved seeing all the amazing things that this world has to offer just outside my front door. The wildlife pictures captured animals that I have never heard of and a few that are rarely to be seen. From breathtaking views from high atop to capture moments that are “once in a lifetime opportunity.” Some people from across the world can feel like friends when you see their lives through the camera. You can feel the emotions that the artist felt when taking these pictures. The collections start from the 90’s and continue on to showcase the best up until present day.  I love the way that you get an explanations of where they are located as well the country. They also include photo tips that you can use when capturing moments on your own. I love this collection and anticipate more in the future! I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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Especially amazing

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My best friend is expecting her second child and is suffering from the same ailment that all pregnant women face, swelling. When I received this Wedding Set to review I could only think that this would be perfect for her. She has an antique wedding set that is 4 generations old and had to remove it during the 4th month of her first pregnancy. After she had the baby and the swelling went away she was able to wear the rings again. She told me that she hated going throughout her pregnancy not seeing the rings on her hands and the way that some people would assume that she was unwed. When I told her of the chance to wear and keep this set she was extremely happy! The engagement ring is exquisite on its own or with the wedding band that matches. The ring has half of the circumference of the band that has tiny CZ stones across it and then tiny metal spokes that hold a larger CZ stone. The top view of the ring shows that even the top half circumference has matching CZ stones on the top. The tiny spokes that you can see from the side is holding a square cut CZ stone that is quite a larger size. As I stated before, this ring is perfect as just and engagement ring or a promise ring. Then later on you can add the wedding band to complete the set. The wedding bad has the same tiny CZ stones across the top on the band and is completed with the 18 Karat White Gold Plated metal that is also the same on the engagement ring. Since this ring is sized larger than her original wedding set, she can wear this set for the pregnancy. She told me that this will begin a tradition of passing along this ring for woman in the family to wear during pregnancy as well. No matter if this ring is for a best friend who is bringing in life or a couple starting their life together, I know that this ring will remain beautiful! I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.


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From the moment that my mother seen this ring she claimed it as hers and if you have a mother like mine you AGREE! “If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” is very true! This ring is so beautiful and has an element to it that makes me glad that she loves it, it has a figure 8 twist to the metal that symbolizes eternal love. The topside of the ring has tiny CZ stones that line the bridges of the figure 8. This design is on both sides left and right of the ring. From the top view of the ring looks like “X’s” and the clever design is just perfect and not overly done. In the center of the ring that the figure 8 lines attach to a round cut larger CZ stone. The ring is held together by 18 Karat White Gold Plated metal that gives the luster of sterling silver. When I gave this to my mother I pointed out that this ring should be worn as a way to remember how much I love her. This ring is perfect for any occasion or as a symbol of love. I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.


This ring is by far my favorite one to wear and show off! There are so many CZ stones on this ring and the light sparkles off everyone perfectly! When the ring is lying face down on a surface you see that the top half of the band has the CZ stones from left to right and even around the curve for the center stone. This design is on both bottom and top of the ring. When looking at the ring from above you see the same stunning CZ stones lining the top of the band again left to right and around the circumference of the center stone. Now, the center stone is still CZ, but has all of the features of a real diamond. The ring is all one piece and looks solid. The metal is 18 Karat White Gold plated that has the same look of Sterling silver. I love how this ring looks on my hands and I truly enjoy wearing it every day, everywhere! I have seen many antique rings that cost way more than I will ever make in a lifetime and this beautiful ring has all of the quality, pizazz, and charm that the antique ring has without the enormous price. I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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There are rings that you wear that become the center of attention to all those who see it. This ring is so beautiful with several layers of beauty that culminate into a masterpiece. The metal is 18 Karat White Gold Plated and has a silver tone to the ring. From the bottom of the ring come out bifurcated outward (2 separate lines) that has CZ stones that come from both sides to come to the next layer of the ring. The next layer is a circled ring that has small CZ stones that match the bifurcated sides. When the ring is filled with the stones, a larger CZ stone is placed in the center. It is a soft round shape that when the prisms hit this stone, it brilliantly catches the light. This ring looks like a designer diamond ring, but has the price that we can afford. When you walk into a room wearing this ring others will notice and will be drooling over it. Style, class, elegance, and affordability make this one special ring! I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Purple haze

Some rings are completely beautiful with just one element, but this ring takes it to the next level! The beautiful Amethyst stone is shaped as a heart that is set inside of 18 Karat White Gold Plated metal. The contrast between the silver tone and the purple are breath taking. Then as a way to step it up a notch is the smaller heart on top. The smaller heart is half silver tone and plain, but the other half has small CZ stones inside. This ring is stunning with or without natural light hitting it. I love that I can wear it every day or just on special occasions.  It is very easy to match with other accessories or just the colors of my wardrobe. The ring is perfect for a family member’s birthday celebration or as a simple gesture of “I love you!” My niece had a choir concert, the first of her middle school years and I gave it to her as a gift. It was hard to imagine her smile being brighter than the ring! I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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