Just Can’t Stand It

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Reading the summary of HERE AND GONE you are instantly drawn to this book. Having a crooked Police Officer planting drugs in her car that she was using to get as far away from an abusive man.

The kids are taken away from their mother under extreme resistance. The kids dissapear from her eyes as the Police take them away. A mother’s worst nightmare has just happened. When she makes it into the town where the cop was from, they inform her that they have no idea who she is AND have never seen any children. She must either fight till her death to find them or let them go. This mother is not about to let her kids be rasied by anyone but her.

My mother read the summary on the dust cover on the book and was hooked. She made it about 5 pages into the book when she closed it up and threw it to me. She said the language was so frequent and have some words that boils her blood.

I opened the book and read 20 pages and I as well closed the book. There are too many point of views (character stories) and no way to know when the next character would start talking. I became frustrated when the words didn’t flow. I spent double the amount of time reading and rereading several times trying to understand what was happening.

It is not often that I don’t finish a story, but I just couldn’t force my eyes to read another paragraph. The plot is a true mystery that I love reading. I just wish I could finish this book. I received this book for free from BLOGGING FOR BOOKS and in return I offer my unbiased opinion in return.


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