The View Is Better From Up Here

How can a book be so pointless, but you can’t put it down? Well, this is the perfect way to describe this book. Chapter after chapter, page after page are events that are hectic. The main character is a young woman 16yr old who has a mother that is overseas offering her medical expertise and cannot trust her daughter to be alone with her thoughts.

Depression and anxiety grip people all over the world and doesn’t care who you are, age, sex, sexual orientation, or social status. It can be a crippling experience that prevents you from living your life peacefully. The 10 things are a coping mechanism to distract you from your fears, even if for just a moment.

This girl has her hands full on “worst case scenario” facts going through her mind. With the help from her girlfriend Maeve can break through the pain and take care of buisiness. Sometimes no amount of counseling sessions or meditations can offer help to some, but Maeve’s parents won’t allow her medications to as a treatment option.

This book contains adult language, adult situations, sexual scenes, drugs, and of course lots of bad news statistics. You can follow her as she comes to grips with her anxiety. I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review for Blogging For Books.

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