The journey of hope

Ruth Logan Herne has done it again with Home On The Range! This second book in the series (Back In the Saddle) is simply amazing! These characters all have a story of struggle, pain, and sorrow. They each are hiding physically, emotionally, or spiritualy. The obstacles that these characters face are reality for some. Single mothers have received a lot of attention in the past and finally single fathers are getting some attention too. This story shows how God can use other people to work a miracle in your life. It is a great lesson in faith, healing, and patience! Looking forward to the next book coming in May! I received this book from Blogging For Books and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.


Grace is endless

When my faith is tested it is always that I am not making God happy. I always feel that he keeps a score of all the sins, but I now know that I am wrong. In this book i learned that His love is endless and when I call out his name He never ignores me due the sin. How wonderful is His love? How can we deserve His forgiveness? Why do i feel the He plays favorites against sinners? This book opened my eyes to His endless love! He hears every cry and sees every tear. I am loved forever by Him. My faith is renewed because of this book. I know that this book was reprinted many years ago, but still are the same struggles. Read this book, renew your faith, and see how much He loves you! I received this book for an exchanged and unbiased opinion through Blogging For Books. click to link