Inspirational book or not?

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When I got this book to review on “blogging for books” I had doubts. Some self help books are nothing remotely close to the things we really need to hear. This book really surprised me with the ideas that worked in subtle ways to change your way of thinking! It is simple to offer ideas that seem way too impossible to seem happy 24/7. This book doesn’t want you to fake emotions, but a way to change negatives into positives. For example there are 52 different lessons, one for every week, it seems. Take a read through each chapter allow yourself to look at yourself through different eyes the non-judgmental eyes. I couldn’t wait for each new lesson. I began to understand the ways I am self sabotaging and doubting, finding new ways that I can work through situations without accumulating the emotional baggage to tow around. Read the book, know yourself, and begin to smile at the small joys of your life! I received this book for blogging for books and i offer my unbiased opinion in return.


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