Nail clippers

Any pet parent knows that pet’s claws can be very sharp and nail care of pets is just as important as their diet. Many pet owners take their pets to groomers and pay lots of money for their pets to get their nails clipped. GOT PETS has made a nail clipper that works on cats and dogs. It is just like the kind of clippers that the professionals use. If you can clip your own fingernails, then you can clip an animal’s nails as well. There are many similarities between animal and human nails and if you pay attention you can cut the nails with confidence. The back of the nail clipper’s package contains instructions as well as warnings of caution. (they are common sense rules) Now I love that there is a lock on the handles that keep the clippers closed and the blades locked into place. The metal blades have a stopper to ensure that you do not over cut on the nail. The second-best feature on the clippers is the bonus nail file that is hidden inside of the handle. No more do I have to stop and search for a file when I cut. My cat has begun shedding off his nails and these clippers made it so very much easier that I could cut and file his nails and let him go before he got too agitated. GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.    I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased to link


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