Curved comb

Many pet owners know how annoying it is when you have the same amount of your animal’s fur on you that they have on them. I am always picking cat hair off my clothes because cats are temperamental and he MUST walk all over my things! GO PETS made a tool that helps me keep the extra fur that he sheds off me and my clothes. Now this comb has a curved handle that has a non-slip grip that makes it comfortable in my hand so I can brush my pets with ease to my wrists. It doesn’t matter if I am grooming my dogs or my cat because this brush works on both! I love how easy it is to brush my pet and watch as the curved brush contours their body and gathers all their loose hair together. The brush head get full of the fur and with a simple click of a button the fur is released for easy clean up. There is a clear silicon guard that protects the metal brush as well as keeping it safer around pets and kids. I have noticed that just a couple of strokes of the brush the dog’s coats feel so smooth, has all more shine, and didn’t cost me extra money or time. GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.  I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.


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