Creature Comforts

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When these small plastic containers came in the mail I looked at them puzzled. I seen the putty wrapped in a plastic sealed bag and when I removed it from the plastic I couldn’t understand how this was supposed to melt. Me being a bit daft sometimes, I had to grab for the instructions. In the explanation that they gave I realized that it melts with the heat that is released from your hands. The more that you play with the putty the warmer and melt able it becomes. Once you stop playing with it, it does get very stiff. The little plastic accessory pieces are different for each container. Pumpkins, Zombies, and Witches come alive before your eyes. You can mix the parts and create a new creature! I love that the case has a divider inside the keeps the putty and the parts organized. and allows you to play with them over and over. My mother and niece had a blast creating their monsters and then holding them in their hands and watching as their body heat melted the creatures. Great science lesson and a fun time for young and old! I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.


Daily Devotional of love, peace, and joy

This book is so uplifting to my heart just as this book is appropriately named. The pages are filled with love, strength, encouragement, and above all hope. Each of the 31 verses have a chapter to their own and the sections have tips as well as a beautiful background. This book seems to know exactly what my heart needs in time of sorrow, depression, and just a boost when something in life makes you sad. Liz Curtis Higgs did a remarkable job selecting each bible verse and the chapters give a great explanation to the verses meaning. I can see this book being passed around from all of my family and friends! I received this book from Blogging for Books for my review.Author Liz Curtis Higgs

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