Singing in the rain

My parents old farm house needed updating in a bad way. So this week the kitchen and the bathroom was tackled. Now they loved their old fixtures, but both agreed that the shower needed some help. The RAINFALL THUNDERHEAD gave them what they both agree that they wanted. Dad wanted something easy to install, easy to adjust, and great coverage. Mom wanted easy to clean, easy on the eyes, and chrome. That’s exactly what they got with this shower head. It is very easy to install and no tools needed. The large base has over 90 nozzles to clean and relax your body completely. It adjusts to many heights for perfect placement. The best part is there is no need for any chemicals to clean the shower head. Just simply squeeze the nozzles gently and it will unblock any clogging. My parents love that when they are under the shower head, that they feel like they are playing in the rain. The hardest part of this new shower head was who was going to use it first! I received this product for free and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Sweet and clever bag

Very recently my mother had surgery and this duffel bag came in very handy. They offer a clear bag at the hospital that they can put in the safe there. Unfortunately, your stuff is never guaranteed to be safe. So I kept all of her stuff in this bag and kept it close. I love the small compact way that it can convert to and then open into a perfect bag for many occasions. The tough nylon material held the weight without any strain of the seams. The straps are tick and tightly woven for carrying convience. Because of the quality and design of this bag, I knew that her belongings were safer inside the bag than a plastic bag. There are perfect pockets that zip for better organization and two mesh pockets on either end that can carry cellphones to drinks. It comes also with a clip that can be placed inside a suitcase or bigger bags as a way for added space. I loved the most that when she was out of surgery and into recovery, I was able to unload all her items and fold the pack back up to it’s original size. The nurses were all amazed that such a small thing could open up to carry all those things! It saved my sanity, her belongings, and my back! I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased

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Summertime staple

Every time that I have a watermelon on my grocery list, I cringe. I know that cutting it is always messy and that I either cut into the rind or I waste too much melon. That is why I love my watermelon slicer, I can cut with ease and not waste any melon or my money! The slicer has sharp inner curves that allow it to slide through the melon extremely easy. Flip the slicer over to the other side and it picks up your melon slices for easy plating. The handle is neon green and offers protections from your hand slipping. It’s two awesome tools in one a knife and tongs! As an added bonus, it came with a melon baller. It has the same color handle as the slicer and has a carving tool on the end. I love that I can fancy up my table with perfect watermelon slices and melon balls in the fruit tray! I received this product for free or discount and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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tidal pleasure

So many teenage girls love having sleepovers at their home these days. Some times they are dull and boring, but not at this one! My niece loves this Aurora Master! Removing the projector from the box, I can see 2 cords: 1 is for charging and the other is to turn the projector into a speaker. All that you need is 4 AA batteries are placed into the bottom, the charger plugged in and all of the light turned off. Looking up at the ceiling you can see the wave like colors. By pressing the middle button you can select multiple color options all at once or a single color. Plug the speaker cable into your device, select the song you want, and turn the volume up (buttons on either side of the power button). Now you are ready to party. The amazing lights swirl around and instantly you are addicted. The screen has a bubbled look on it and is the reason for the ocean waves. This little machine covers the ceiling as well as the walls. You can dance to the music and sway to the lights or you can sit back and let the ocean waves transport your mind and body elsewhere. Perfect for parties, camping, sleepovers, nightlight, and so many other useful and amazing ideas. Now that her friends have seen the projector and what it does, they want to stay over more often! I received this product for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Cord covers

Cords to electronics create an eyesore hanging down behind the TV stand. I love these cord covers because they create more than just a cure to the cord eyesore. I truly love that these covers can be snapped together for longer cords or used in more than one location. There is a zipper than runs the length of the cover to tame the cord mayhem. The material is thick with a gel like cushion to keep the cords cool and avoid overheating. It also has vent holes throughout to ensure the air flow. The clips are at both ends on the covers with a male and female end. These covers look great in any room in the home, campers, and even outdoors. Because of the creative design I can use these covers in my kids room and know that they will not see the cords and try to pull on them. I received this product for free or discount and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Great scents

Scented oils have been used for a very long time and have many different uses. My favorite use is in my humidifier! I love that I can choose a scent that can take my mind and completely relax me. With a few drops of my favorite scent and just a bit of water my humidifier sends vapor throughout my home. It is very easy to use and with the detailed instructions with pictures. When my family gets sick I just add a menthol scent and place the purifier beside their bed. With the menthol it aids in quicker recovery. I love the many colors that i can select from or I can choose for a montage of colors. When the water is gone, I know that it automatically shuts off and leaves the colors going. I can think of so many uses for my humidifier and the benefits are endless. I received this product for free and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Charming necklace

Choker necklaces have been around since I was a child. Now that my niece is older she has a very keen sense of style. When I showed her these chokers she was over the moon! There were so many options of charms to wear and to share. From animals to nautical, symbols to movie tokens. I love that there are a mixture of charms to fit your mood or personality. The band is a beautiful woven pattern that helps the necklace to keep its shape as well as to hold the charm. They are all light weight, very detailed, and comfortable. My neice loves to share with her friends these chokers! I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Tight grip

Cellphone holders come in so many shapes and styles these days. My sister has been through so many of the holders in her truck and they all fail to hold up. When I handed her this holder she was skeptical. I cleaned the area just as instructed and placed the flat disc onto the back of the cellphone. It was just that simple! The gold hand grips a ball that hold a removable disc and it has a beautiful picture of The Great Wall in China. The magnet it a strong one that holds a tight grip! My sister put her cellphone near the pictured disc and it grabbed her phone tightly. Taking the back roads through the country, she made certain she hit all the bumps to strain the cellphone holder. When she got home she grabbed her cellphone and all the pieces held steady. Now my sister loves it and wants another to put in the car! I received this product for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Summer grillin’ made safe

When working with a grill there is always the chance of an accidental burning. That’s why I love GRILLAHOLICS grill master tools! I love the long arms on each tool. It keeps my hands away from the fire while allowing me to cook my food. I love that they are a little more weighted and wrapped in thick rubber for a better grip. The metal is a strong steel that will never allow rusting when I wash them. I love that they are dishwasher safe so that I call kill any unwanted germs. The tongs are easy to use so that I can grip hotdogs, corn on the cob, or any other round food on the grill. The spatula is wide with grooves to make picking up burgers a breeze. The fork has sharp tines so picking up food goes smoothly. The basting brush lets me sauce my meats up quickly. The clever design keeps the sauce on the bristles allowing fast seasonings. I am most excited that these tools came in just in time for our Independence Day celebration and that it was much safer. I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Arcade at home

Classic arcade games that I grew up with are all inside this little handheld game. It has a crisp picture on the screen and it comes with cords that I can play on my tv. Other handheld games that I have tried lacked the easy to hold, easy to carry, and so many games in one. I can scroll through the names of so many games that I know and several that I have never heard of. No long or complicated instructions. All I needed to play was AAA batteries! My family loves the games most of all because they never grew up with arcades and have not had the opportunity to play them. My 13yr old niece loves the games so much that I never get to play it and the only time I can see it is when the batteries are dead! I received this product for free or discounted and in return I give my unbiased opinion.

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