Light love

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Having a back porch is great in the summertime, I love sitting out and gazing up at the stars. Bright lights can ruin the fun by blocking out the stars and without the light you cannot see to get back into the hose. These precious lights are perfect for me. I love that I can operate them with just 2 AA batteries and no other assembly is needed. I just clip them into the plastic hooks that we use for Christmas lights and let the control box hang down for easy reach. The lights are are made from thick cardboard, painted white, and have heart, square windows, and stars to let the light inside shine. The lights are soft and offer the perfect balance of small and offer just enough light. 10 small houses are attached to a string of white lights and can be removed to change the bulb or just the color. The control box is made of clear plastic and the “on&off” button is easily to spot. Looks great inside the house or outside. Although, I would place them where no rain can harm them. I received this product for free or discount and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.


Sweet little bunny

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Kids love to mimic what they see their parents, friends, and celebrities have. This little bunny offers many hi-tech things as well as practical use. The bunny has many features that it can do and many ways to wear it. It comes with a slap bracelet that fits perfect onto even the tiniest wrists! It also has a lanyard that can be worn around the neck or the smaller one also for the wrist. It can clips onto backpacks or their purses. Some kids are sensitive to the dark but don’t want to teased about it, this little bunny lights up as a nightlight and helps the child to feel stronger. The bunnies face is cute and each part is a button that controls its operations. The hands, feet, and carrot on the belly controls volume, switching songs, switching categories, play and pause. It has a snap on backpack that holds the slap bracelet or it can be removed and just use the lanyards. Battery charging is a breeze and the port is hidden on the bunnies head. Kalala Listening Station is child friendly and offers music from entertainment to learning. A special code is given to each bunny for activation. There is so many different songs for free on the site. You can even set it to Bluetooth for regular music listening. It is a perfect little bunny! I received this bunny for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Colorful array

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I like the pens they work very well. My kids have a lot of fun with all the different colors. There are super bright and i haven’t had any issues with any of the pens not working right away. I think the kids prefer the multi color ones more then the others, but there is a huge selection. The come is a sturdy hard plastic case and when you remove them you place them in the cloth binder that comes with it and then roll them up and tie it. I received this free in return for a honest review.

Hot top

When sunbathing poolside it is very easy to get sunburns if you forget sun block. The easiest way to feel better is some aloe, a fan, and a tube top! This top embellishes style as well as comfort. I love the way that the thick elastic hugs around my bust giving me assurance that it will hold up and not expose me. The bottom of the top also has the same elastic. I love the pleats on the top that give a bit of coverage as well as giving the top a retro feel. The seams are tightly sewn all the way around. The material is soft against my skin and is made of some breathable material. As soon as my sunburn heals, I am putting this top in my suitcase for my vacation! I received this top for free or discount and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Fitting in

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Every where you look there is some quick and easy weight loss scheme. The tried and true method is diet and exercise. Every restaurant that you visit has bigger proportions and larger plates. With these smart portion control containers you can easily control how much you eat. Each container has a specific color letting you know what food pyramid foods should go to where. It takes the guess work out of dieting and saves you money in the process. I love that because the containers are plastic you can reuse them, wash them, and microwave them. I love that I can take my dishes to a restaurant and fix a regular plate. When I sit back down at the table I organize my food into the proper dishes and move the plate away. The food left over is astounding, I really didn’t know that I was over eating when I thought that I was measuring it right. When others in the restaurant gave me questioning looks, I explained to them that I was retraining my stomach to proper proportions to better myself! I received these dishes for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Heating it up

Every once in a while something comes along that makes you life so much easier. Well, these gloves save me in more than one way. Anytime that I come in contact with extreme heat from the oven or BBQ, I tense up. I have been burned before by products that claim that they are heart resistant and will protect me. So when I was asked to try out these gloves I was worried. Turns out I had no need to be worried. I was able to reach into the oven and pull out a casserole pan and not be afraid that the hot liquids would splash on my wrists like any other time. I love that these gloves are double insulated to protect my hands and keep my hands cool on the inside. The rubber on the gloves is on both sides and do not peel off. They are not clunky like most gloves and I can use them on the grill. I can use both has near how flames and not worry about the gloves catching fire. These heavy duty, flame retardant gloves are my must have around any heat! I received this product for free or discount and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Spicing up my kitchen

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Hot dishes can warp your counter tops if there is no protection underneath. These potholders are great for holding hot dishes! These pot holders even help out in the kitchen in so many other ways. I love that I can place them onto a jar and help remove the lid with the anti-slip grip. The honeycombed pattern provides added comfort when using, The rubber is very soft and flexible. I love the colors because they are bright and your eyes can easily see them and reach for them. My niece uses hers for a cup holder for her iced drinks. The water fills inside the honey combs and keeps the condensation off the table. When heavy weight is placed on the pot holders, the strategic design evens out the weight so that dishes cool evenly. Looks great on your dinner table as well! I received this product for free or discount and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Control this

Everything today is wireless and it makes our lives so much easier. My sons PlayStation 2 controller was the one thing that wasn’t updated. He was still being controlled by his cord. It never let him get too far from the TV and I became worried that his eyes would be strained from it. Finally he can sit in his favorite gaming chair and play in style. I love how easy it is to operate. Simply put the card into the slot and add 2 batteries to the controller itself! He loves that he can still use the controller with all the ease from the original controller without the cord. He loves the color of the controller and that the buttons move with ease. He says that he can now improve his game and be included into the wireless family! I received this controller for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Singing in the rain

My parents old farm house needed updating in a bad way. So this week the kitchen and the bathroom was tackled. Now they loved their old fixtures, but both agreed that the shower needed some help. The RAINFALL THUNDERHEAD gave them what they both agree that they wanted. Dad wanted something easy to install, easy to adjust, and great coverage. Mom wanted easy to clean, easy on the eyes, and chrome. That’s exactly what they got with this shower head. It is very easy to install and no tools needed. The large base has over 90 nozzles to clean and relax your body completely. It adjusts to many heights for perfect placement. The best part is there is no need for any chemicals to clean the shower head. Just simply squeeze the nozzles gently and it will unblock any clogging. My parents love that when they are under the shower head, that they feel like they are playing in the rain. The hardest part of this new shower head was who was going to use it first! I received this product for free and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

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Skirt success

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This skirt has a beautiful look that is comfortable as well as practical. I love that the skirt is knee length and made from a very soft spandex material. It hugs your form with the thick elastic that is tightly sewn together. The skirt is predominantly black and looks like someone accidentally added some bleach onto it for a tye dyed look. Great for heels or flats! The pattern is different from the other blotches. Perfect for many different occasions from classy events to a night out, this skirt is able to please! I have received this product for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.