Panda power!

Soft, lightweight, musical, and adorable are the best words that i can use to describe this “Get Well” gift. It is battery operated and does come with batteries. On the bottom of the panda there is a little flap of material held by Velcro for easy access. The panda is very lightweight under 3lbs. This is where you can replace the batteries or completely turn off the musical button on the panda’s arm. The body of the panda moves to the beat of the song “tomorrow” which was popularized by the motion picture Annie. The get well sun is completely made from cloth and is attached to the panda’s hands. On the left paw of the panda’s arm is the “press me on/off button” you can stop the song in the beginning, middle, or end of the song. This gift will put a smile on face and maybe a giggle or two because of its cuteness! I received this product for free and in return I give my unbiased opinion in return.

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I have tried many air fresheners from plug-ins, candles, sprays, and nothing seemed to have a lasting fragrance, until now! Removing the Removing the contents of the box, I begin removing all of the coverings and attach the cord. I picked out a scent that I know will fill the entire house, I place the water (I recommend the bottled water because of the buildup of crystals in the

) into the measuring cup (is included) and add 2-3 drops of fragrant oil. Pressing the button to activate it after making sure that the lid is on correctly. There are two dots to make sure that the lid is on and correctly latched. I then press the light button to turn on the beautiful color show. I can click the button again and again to select a color that I want to stay on or I can turn off the lights completely and not affect the diffuser. Quickly the aroma fills the air. Great for aroma therapy for your senses, a decongestant, and a nightlight all in one. Great in any room of the house! Clean up is a snap and there is a notch to regulate the the water being drained out for further use. The spout itself can be cleaned with running water or using a Q-Tip. Once the water has dissipated it shuts off on its own. You don’t have to use both features at the same time. I received this product for free or discounted and in return I give my unbiased opinion.

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Multi tool for women!


s product is simply amazing and such a great way to save money. The wand is light weight, ergo dynamic for easy griping, with skid resistant rubber on handle. A button on the side that easily releases the head for easy switching. Foot File- A coarse sand paper like grit that revolves at a very quick pace and instantly you see the dead and rough skin begin to dissolve. Do not need to put pressure to file off the skin because the head is beveled perfectly to contour you foot. Within a short time the cracked skin on my feet is gone leaving a smooth heel. No more snagging socks! Razor- Changing to another head is a breeze. Since i am on blood thinner, shaving my legs can be very hazardous for me. With this razor I can remove all unwanted hair without worries of cutting open my skin. The head grabs the hair and removes it so quickly, saving me time and no more messy shaving cremes. Epilator- peach fuzz or wild hairs are a nuisance. The epilator glides across my skin while plucking the hair from the root. There is a slight tug as you feel the hairs being removed. I was shocked by the amount of hair that it pulled that my regular name brand razor missed. This 3 in 1 saves me time, money, energy, and gives me a salon experience right at home. The LED light shows you the are you are working on and prevents my eyes from straining to see any hair.The rechargeable battery last 40 mins and it can be used while charging, the light doesn’t go off while charging. The motor is powerful and quicker than i assumed. Clean up is a breeze, by rinsing off the wand or using the cleaning brush included to clean out the heads. I received this product for free or discounted and in return I give my unbiased opinion.

Book Buff

Ever since Amazon came out with Kindle reading app, I am a changed person. After selecting my favorite genre and price range, I begin to scroll down the list of books. Page after page of books with beautiful covers that are waiting to be read. Finally, I select a book and download it to my favorite device. Just like with real paperback/hardback books, I can spend aimless hours reading and forgetting the time. Depending upon how awesome the book is, I can stay up all night into the wee hours of the morning There is nothing more surprising to go to bed reading a book and then look up and see the sun rising in the window.

There are books there that not printed but are in Kindle and vice versa. I am surprised of the amount of books to each section. Subjects upon subjects of books and you can become lost in Kindle just like you can in a Library. But, I have to admit that the best part is you can have as many books that your device can handle and not have to carry the heavy books and juggle them with everyday life. I never thought that I would enjoy Kindle this much. But I love it! Read as much as you can as often as you can!!

Playing dress-up

From girls dressing up as Princesses to boy dressing up as a superhero, there is always one thing in common, accessories. Having the right kind of accessories can enhance you from every day to make believe. These bullet belts help little boys become tough men.

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This company brings imagination to life and the cater to old, young, boy, and girls. Try them out today and see what they have to offer! And as always, its my opinion!


My Favorite Past time

Sewing is one of the many ways that I can relax. I can sit and sew for hours and get lost in the constant repetition and knowing that I am creating something wonderful. I am not confident in counted cross stitch so I always scrunched up my nose at it. Some time ago I wanted to try it again and guess what? I loved it. It just takes a little bit more patience and vigilance to the direction.

Now I love quilting as well. I love that I can use different patterns and materials into a work of art. I was taught to sew by hand and still prefer to use that, but I always use my Singer Sewing Machine to make sure each piece is secure and will last a long time.

I even tried to use other kinds of sewing like with ribbon. I was shocked that it wasn’t much ¬†different. The eye of the needle changes with the type of project it is. Most projects comes with its appropriate needle and can be reused whenever you need it.

Venture past your comfort zone and see what you can make!