Just Can’t Stand It

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Reading the summary of HERE AND GONE you are instantly drawn to this book. Having a crooked Police Officer planting drugs in her car that she was using to get as far away from an abusive man.

The kids are taken away from their mother under extreme resistance. The kids dissapear from her eyes as the Police take them away. A mother’s worst nightmare has just happened. When she makes it into the town where the cop was from, they inform her that they have no idea who she is AND have never seen any children. She must either fight till her death to find them or let them go. This mother is not about to let her kids be rasied by anyone but her.

My mother read the summary on the dust cover on the book and was hooked. She made it about 5 pages into the book when she closed it up and threw it to me. She said the language was so frequent and have some words that boils her blood.

I opened the book and read 20 pages and I as well closed the book. There are too many point of views (character stories) and no way to know when the next character would start talking. I became frustrated when the words didn’t flow. I spent double the amount of time reading and rereading several times trying to understand what was happening.

It is not often that I don’t finish a story, but I just couldn’t force my eyes to read another paragraph. The plot is a true mystery that I love reading. I just wish I could finish this book. I received this book for free from BLOGGING FOR BOOKS and in return I offer my unbiased opinion in return.

The View Is Better From Up Here

How can a book be so pointless, but you can’t put it down? Well, this is the perfect way to describe this book. Chapter after chapter, page after page are events that are hectic. The main character is a young woman 16yr old who has a mother that is overseas offering her medical expertise and cannot trust her daughter to be alone with her thoughts.

Depression and anxiety grip people all over the world and doesn’t care who you are, age, sex, sexual orientation, or social status. It can be a crippling experience that prevents you from living your life peacefully. The 10 things are a coping mechanism to distract you from your fears, even if for just a moment.

This girl has her hands full on “worst case scenario” facts going through her mind. With the help from her girlfriend Maeve can break through the pain and take care of buisiness. Sometimes no amount of counseling sessions or meditations can offer help to some, but Maeve’s parents won’t allow her medications to as a treatment option.

This book contains adult language, adult situations, sexual scenes, drugs, and of course lots of bad news statistics. You can follow her as she comes to grips with her anxiety. I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review for Blogging For Books.

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The journey of hope

Ruth Logan Herne has done it again with Home On The Range! This second book in the series (Back In the Saddle) is simply amazing! These characters all have a story of struggle, pain, and sorrow. They each are hiding physically, emotionally, or spiritualy. The obstacles that these characters face are reality for some. Single mothers have received a lot of attention in the past and finally single fathers are getting some attention too. This story shows how God can use other people to work a miracle in your life. It is a great lesson in faith, healing, and patience! Looking forward to the next book coming in May! I received this book from Blogging For Books and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Grace is endless

When my faith is tested it is always that I am not making God happy. I always feel that he keeps a score of all the sins, but I now know that I am wrong. In this book i learned that His love is endless and when I call out his name He never ignores me due the sin. How wonderful is His love? How can we deserve His forgiveness? Why do i feel the He plays favorites against sinners? This book opened my eyes to His endless love! He hears every cry and sees every tear. I am loved forever by Him. My faith is renewed because of this book. I know that this book was reprinted many years ago, but still are the same struggles. Read this book, renew your faith, and see how much He loves you! I received this book for an exchanged and unbiased opinion through Blogging For Books. click to link

Inspirational book or not?

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When I got this book to review on “blogging for books” I had doubts. Some self help books are nothing remotely close to the things we really need to hear. This book really surprised me with the ideas that worked in subtle ways to change your way of thinking! It is simple to offer ideas that seem way too impossible to seem happy 24/7. This book doesn’t want you to fake emotions, but a way to change negatives into positives. For example there are 52 different lessons, one for every week, it seems. Take a read through each chapter allow yourself to look at yourself through different eyes the non-judgmental eyes. I couldn’t wait for each new lesson. I began to understand the ways I am self sabotaging and doubting, finding new ways that I can work through situations without accumulating the emotional baggage to tow around. Read the book, know yourself, and begin to smile at the small joys of your life! I received this book for blogging for books and i offer my unbiased opinion in return.

Faith, hope, and sister’s

This book shows you all of the many things that a friend does that show us how they care. Page after page you can follow the trail of love, support, hope, and tolerance. This author had a wonderful foresight to combine comics with inspiration. I gave this as a gift to my best friend, sister and she enjoyed it as well as I. It is a nice way to remember the life and the obstacles we live and that we were never alone as long as she was there. Perfect for mother’s as well because she will always be you champion and best friend!click to linkbest

Curved comb

Many pet owners know how annoying it is when you have the same amount of your animal’s fur on you that they have on them. I am always picking cat hair off my clothes because cats are temperamental and he MUST walk all over my things! GO PETS made a tool that helps me keep the extra fur that he sheds off me and my clothes. Now this comb has a curved handle that has a non-slip grip that makes it comfortable in my hand so I can brush my pets with ease to my wrists. It doesn’t matter if I am grooming my dogs or my cat because this brush works on both! I love how easy it is to brush my pet and watch as the curved brush contours their body and gathers all their loose hair together. The brush head get full of the fur and with a simple click of a button the fur is released for easy clean up. There is a clear silicon guard that protects the metal brush as well as keeping it safer around pets and kids. I have noticed that just a couple of strokes of the brush the dog’s coats feel so smooth, has all more shine, and didn’t cost me extra money or time. GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.  I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.


When you leave out on a farm you know that your animals will find every bur and become completely tangled all over their body. It used to be that I would have to spend hours trying to take out each bur. Having 3 dogs with the same taste for adventure can take an entire day to groom them but GO PETS have made my life so very much easier! This de-tangler has 2 sides with a selected number of teethe on each side. I use the 12 teeth (which has 12 teeth spaced out) to loosen the bur and then switch it over to the 23 teeth side to completely remove the bur as well as combing out the coat leaving the fur shinny. What used to take all day now just takes an hour and I can go about my day. I love the clever design of the curved teeth and the silicon no slip grip on the handle. My niece even can use this on the dogs and they are so relaxed that they doze right off to sleep! GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.  I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.

Nail clippers

Any pet parent knows that pet’s claws can be very sharp and nail care of pets is just as important as their diet. Many pet owners take their pets to groomers and pay lots of money for their pets to get their nails clipped. GOT PETS has made a nail clipper that works on cats and dogs. It is just like the kind of clippers that the professionals use. If you can clip your own fingernails, then you can clip an animal’s nails as well. There are many similarities between animal and human nails and if you pay attention you can cut the nails with confidence. The back of the nail clipper’s package contains instructions as well as warnings of caution. (they are common sense rules) Now I love that there is a lock on the handles that keep the clippers closed and the blades locked into place. The metal blades have a stopper to ensure that you do not over cut on the nail. The second-best feature on the clippers is the bonus nail file that is hidden inside of the handle. No more do I have to stop and search for a file when I cut. My cat has begun shedding off his nails and these clippers made it so very much easier that I could cut and file his nails and let him go before he got too agitated. GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.    I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.click to link

Dual Sided Brush

Ever since GO PETS products came to my house my animals instantly knew that it was grooming time! They ran under the beds, hid under blankets, and even climbed inside their kennels because they knew that the old grooming tools had caused them pain or discomfort. GO PETS has the answer for those fears to be eased in the minds of the animals and humans. The BRISTLE and PIN DUAL SIDED BRUSH are perfect for my long-haired lab dogs. One side of the brush has the long metal pins that work on the long fur to help dislodge the clumps of dirt and leave the coat soft. Whereas the other side of the brush has thousands of black bristles that work to clean off loose hair or dust. This is something I use on the dogs when they want to take a road trip or to show them at a pet contest. This brush is mainly for keeping the fur coat shinning and soft not a heavy-duty cleaning. The silicon handle conforms to the shape of your hand for easy grip. It is soft and can be used to each hand size! GO PETS includes pictured instructions on the back of every package and explains each part function and maintenance.  I received this item for free or discounted and in return I offer my unbiased opinion.